Flash dating v1 0

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SWFObject works quietly in the background of your HTML document.

When developing pages that use SWFObject, you should start with your alternate (non-Flash) content first.

If your Flash movie is in a popup window, or you wish to redirect the user to a different location after they complete the Express Install update, you can use the SWFObject is released under the MIT License.

This means (basically) that you can use it for whatever you want with no restrictions.

SWFObject can detect minor versions and revision versions of the Flash Player as well, simply by passing the string value of the version you want.

An example of requiring Flash player v.6.0 r65 (or 6,0,65,0) would be: SWFObject’s built in plug-in detection can be bypassed.

Get your pages working without your Flash movies, then add them in later with little Javascript snippets that replace your alternate content with the Flash movies.

SWFObject makes this a bit easier by allowing you to add as many variables as you like in a similar manner in which you add additional parameters.If you are curious what Geoff is up to these days, you can follow him on Twitter.SWFObject is a small Javascript file used for embedding Adobe Flash content.Here is an example of passing values into your Flash movie using Flashvars: variable, check out this demo of Slideshow Pro, which uses the SWFObject embed.SWFObject has full support for the Adobe Flash Player Express Install feature.

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